Why You Have Your Pain

Tissue matrix injury and accompanying inflammation is almost always the cause of either acute or chronic neuro-muscle-pain.  Tissue that is injured (poor posture, acute/chronic injury, surgery, aging, sprain/strains, child-birth, repetitive injuries, -the list is almost endless) attracts immune cells that make sure that the area is protected from infection.  Unfortunately these tissues attract other cells that are irritants to our tissue. The net result is that the tissue (muscle, fascia, tendon, ligament, capsule, bursa, bone, cartilage, etc.) becomes stiff, tight, spasmed, fibrotic, scarred and inflamed.  The body lets you know that this area is in need of help by telling your brain that there is pain in this area‚Ķ.and that you need to fix it. Unfortunately, there are few conventional therapies that can help.


But there is an answer to help you heal your tissues, reduce your pain and get you back to healthy living…

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